What you’ll learn

Learn how to become a professional blog writer and write blog content for any industry from the comfort of your home

Learn the technical, mental, and emotional aspects of blog writing and techniques to put them into practice

Learn how to make part or full time income as a blog writer from anywhere in the world


Basic grasp of English

Ability to research and write

A laptop/desktop with stable internet connectivity to perform tasks

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no experience as a writer – Will this course work for me?

Yes. The course teaches basics of blog writing, the technical aspects of it and ways to implement it. The only criterion is to have a willingness to learn and implement content writing for blogs. 

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered online in video format that can be consumed from anywhere in the world. You can view it from any device on your teachable account. 

Author Bio

My name is Radhika. I have over 7 years of experience in content writing. I write content for website, blog, and Facebook page. I have written poetry, essays, short stories and scripts for videos. After dabbling in different forms of writing, I wanted to bridge the gap between the desire to attain financial freedom using writing skills, to, being able to do it. Write the blog course is for individuals who have interest in any form of content creation and have the willingness to use it to craft their career. While I am not doing serious writing, I like to write about the colours, clouds, sky, stars, unnoticed and unseen beauties.